luboš rezler

except being a director, luboš is also a science-fiction lover, gamer, cyclist and self-taught pasta master. he always looks for stimuli that can feed his curious spirit – whether a tough gravel riding expedition or a new open-world RPG. this hobby range reflects his multi-oriented personality.

during film studies, luboš got hooked on audio-visual art and music production. he’s still known as a light installation artist and a producer/dj. but it’s film storytelling that he considers the most fulfilling form of expression, oscillating between popular and intellectual culture.

there’s no doubt that Luboš will shoot a good TV series and a feature film one day. that’s why he enjoys making short vids and ads: he sees it as a great playground to prepare for the bigger story. besides creativity, the fuel that drives him forward is a morning filter coffee. without that, he’s doomed.

    • fauna film
    • par
    • weirdo "fakin"
    • wolt
    • aquanaut
    • bomma "creators lab"
    • škoda "dummies"
    • snuggs
    • livesweaters