marcell lobenwein

marcell is both terrified and intrigued by large fields with wind turbines, heavy machinery, submarine internet cables – basically anything related to technology that’s massive.

as a kid he used to watch movie classics with his dad and when they had the mgm lion roaring in the intro, he had to play it for him over and over again. they keep watching classics together till today.

marcell moved to stockholm in 2020 and consequently developed a severe vitamin d deficiency. but he likes the winter there because it feels like it’s dawn all the time. it matches his melancholic side. marcell believes that berlin has the most beautiful streetlights, with honorable mentions being those in marseille and liverpool.

he feels like all of his projects are documentaries in a way. he thinks of filming as a way to answer questions raised by the project, be it a music video or a commercial.

    • klättermusen "AW 24"
    • pakosz "free woman"
    • lenovo "swat"
    • skanska "a life sustainable"
    • jkl "kekst cnc"
    • miss u xo
    • holt "léghajó"
    • solitudes