renata lučić

renata is a severe peanut addict. once she realizes none are around, she gets nuts. fortunately, her dog bura always lifts her up. they love to hang out in their favourite meadow while renata eats an ice cream (guess the flavour). 

the croatian director grew up in a village so tiny that her image of the world was somewhat peculiar. until her twenties, she saw movie makers as mythical people who were not within anyone’s reach. it was a major epiphany when she discovered that they actually exist and she could be one of them. 

now she creates all kinds of audio-visual pieces worldwide, mainly elaborating on intimate family and relationship topics. besides that, she runs the more-magnets production in zagreb, sings while driving and dances while not driving. and, of course, eats tons of peanuts.

    • foreo "bear"
    • intimina dir cut
    • sofascore dir cut
    • foreo "imagination"
    • foreo dir cut
    • z++ "ljeto vec je gotovo"
    • ziggy cup "orgasms"