emile rafael

emile is a culturally confused person, but that no longer bothers him. he keeps all the little strings of inspiration he encounters along the way and weaves them into a surprisingly coherent shape in his work.

during his shoot with frank gehry, the architect told him that “making art is an act of love; it’s making love to the world.” that meeting was life-changing and something he thinks about everyday.

lately, he has been fascinated by tarot readings and how scarily accurate they are to tell us about our past, present and future. so he can tell you about yours.

    • supermodel "push"
    • mullen "drive the impossible"
    • wayne mcgregor "start with nothing"
    • rolls royce "i'll rise"
    • palo alto "networks"
    • jaguar "show of force"
    • frank gehry "creating feeling"
    • xiaomi "ideas"
    • coutts