jean-charles charavin

a cliff fall survivor at the age of 8, the miraculous child jean charles ended up with only a few scratches and a small stone stuck in his right buttock. he now keeps that stone in a small box.

he had done a lot of bmx in his life, even did a backflip once which was actually the first thing on his bucket list.

before his bachelor studies he wasn’t really into movies. however, while skipping math classes in college he has spent hours in his car parked in front of the school, watching 4-5 movies a day. that’s how he discovered his passion. what a cliffhanger. 

he later founded the parisian production company named incendie films.


    • habaytak "acid arab r3hab remix"
    • "hold you down"
    • ninho / 3 mai 2025
    • warren hue feat tobi lou "in my bag"
    • nto & monolink "beyond control"
    • avellano ss22
    • nto "invisible"
    • petit biscuit "drivin thru the night"
    • malik djoudi feat lala&ce "point sensible"