igor zacharov

igor was raised in a soviet military town in the north of czech republic, after his parents left ukraine and decided to start from scratch. he almost got into movie-making as a 6-year-old when they sent him to an audition for kolja, a seminal 90s movie.

when he got his first skate he started cruising the streets with his friends but after a while he picked-up the family camera and started filming others. the movie-making magic fascinated him more than doing tricks with a board. 

one of his first memories is a dream in which he disintegrates into orange particles, seeing them microscopically magnified. he woke up with a fever, but never lost that image.

today igor works as a director and photographer. 


    • idea "whisper of soil"
    • porsche "crossmasters"
    • aeromobil
    • gas & oil motorcycles
    • konto bariéry
    • mercedes "double bend"
    • jan poupě "proudění"
    • nowness "life on point"