petr simon

petr grew up in a rough 90s neighborhood, and he was not one of those who ran the hood. the harsh youth made him close himself off in his own world of imagination. that earned him a childhood nickname: the silent one.

his imagination is rip-roaring, though. inspired by his boyhood, loads of books he reads, art and everyday life, he bursts with creativity. seeing his ideas realized fascinates him, and he doesn’t stop until he gets from a to b. 

that’s petr. not just an idea-maker but an idea-realizer. when he decided to grow some plants, his flat became a botanical garden. now, his first watermelon is on its way. accomplishing things gives petr satisfaction. when he sees the whole crew cooperating to make his ideas tangible, he can’t be happier. only one thing he truly hates could ruin that feeling: a hardboiled egg.

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